For years we have tried to help as many cats as we have been able to get our hands on. And actually there have been several we couldn't get hands on until they were under anesthesia! Many people have helped us in this endeavor, (you know who you are) and The Belle Fourche Veterinary Clinic is very accommodating in getting these cats in and "speutered" with the least amount of stress as possible. We then try our best to find good, suitable homes for the cats.

We foster pregnant cats when necessary so usually have young cats and kittens needing homes. We won't rehome kittens without a spay/neuter agreement and older cats will be already spayed or neutered and have a rabies vaccine. We will ask you many questions as our priority is getting these cats in good, permanant homes! There is no charge for the cats but donations of $$ or cat food are greatly appreciated.













If you have room in your home or safe barn to give a kitten or a cat a home, please email us at: or call Patty at 605-430-5680


Available cats: "Momma Cat" came to us in June of 2017. She was very skinny and very pregnant. Momma had been caught in a live trap when a friend called us and asked if we could take her. Within 10 days, Momma presented us with 7 kittens all fat and healthy. How she did this is beyond me as she was so skinny, you could see her backbone. We were able to find homes for 5 kittens. Now the time has come to try to find a good home for Momma and her two daughters. SO HERE'S THE DEAL:

Momma is not touchable. She will hang around, doesn't bolt like a true feral cat, but you can't touch her. She will hiss and scratch if you try but if left alone she will just politely avoid you although she will hiss at you. She is a sassy old gal.

Kitten on the left, "Little Sister" is tame and loves to be petted but doesn't like to be picked up or held.

Kitten on the right, "Funny Face" doesn't want to be petted or touched. You can corner her and catch her and she hasn't offered to bite or scratch.

All three have been spayed and vaccinated for Rabies. They are beautiful cats, very bonded to each other. The perfect home for them would be as barn cats where they are safe and FED. Maybe a place where cats are needed and appreciated, but people who don't want "pets" underfoot. They are good mousers but we won't send them to a home where they aren't fed.

If you could offer this type of home, call me. 605-430-5680


Below are just a few of the cats over the years

email: or call Patty at 605-430-5680