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Most of these videos are short clips to give you an idea of each horse. BUT, we have no problem doing a video of something specific that you would like to see of an individual horse. We can also make you a DVD and mail it to you, if you prefer.

Rivervale Farm has been raising Warmblood Sport Horses for over 25 years. There are many of our horses winning in the show ring and also being beautiful, rideable, sound partners for their owners.

Rivervale horses are healthy, and have received excellent care and nutrition from birth. They are raised outside and are tough and athletic. They are not "hot house flowers"! They are brought into the barn, handled and worked with and then returned to their group pastures. They are in training with GRAND PRIX rider and USDF BRONZE, SILVER AND GOLD MEDALIST,  CRAIG HECKERT.  

We are always open to negotiation and offers, especially to show homes. These are super nice youngsters, sired by "rideable" stallions, out of quality mares. They are in training with a young horse specialist, who is also an accomplished competitor.  Our horses have very good reputations for being uncomplicated to ride and easy to get along with.

References Available!

Our horses are priced very reasonably. This doesn't mean there is something wrong with them. The truth is that this is a horse business supported by the horses and that means sales have to happen. Give a Rivervale Farm horse a try. You won't be sorry.

Trainers and Agents: Give us a call. We will do our best to be fair to all parties but these prices do not include commissions.

The horses are listed from oldest to youngest.

I am in the process of updating this page with more horses and new photos and videos. Check back often and remember to "refresh" your browser to see all the changes! Thanks for your patience.


RF Let's Dance

April 4, 2012 Black Warmblood Gelding, by Lion King, out of Willowbez.

"Max" is walk, trot and canter under saddle and jumping small courses. He has a nice jump, hasn't even thought about stopping, and a wonderful, rhythmic canter. Trainable and cooperative, he looks and moves like a classic Hunter. "Max" is a big, solid horse, 16.2 hands now and looks to finish close to 17 hands. Lifetime He is lifetime registered with USEF.



New video, jumping a small course 6/12/17 click here


3 year olds
They will be started under saddle this summer


RF Liberty

July 4, 2013 Warmblood Gelding

By Lion King, out of RF Miner's Lady, (Meisterwind X Goldfuerst).

This young gelding is spectacular in every way. Size, movement, jump and disposition! Plus he is drop dead gorgeous! If you are looking for a serious prospect and want to be competitive, don't pass this one up. He will only get more expensive!

Liberty is walk, trot and canter under saddle and has been quiet and "broke" from the very first ride. Everything about him points to a career as a Hunter for the big ring. He is lifetime registered with USEF.

Video Here!

Under saddle video HERE.

SOLD - Congratulations Carol and Heather, GA! Lucky Liberty got to go south before winter!




We have decided to retain this filly for our program.

Click here for a short free jumping video

RF Laguna Beach

6-15-13 Warmblood filly, by Lion King, out of Cosima (Hann), by Carismo.

Laguna Beach is an exceptional filly from a family of champions. Her dam, Cosima was shown under the name Seaside and had many wins in the Hunter ring. Cosima shares the same sire as the dam of FischerRocana, one of the best Event horses in the world.

Laguna Beach is a cooperative, good natured filly who showed us a tremendous amount of talent the first time she was introduced to the jump chute. She is lifetime registered with USEF.


SOLD Congratulations Robin and Ashley, NC

Click here for a short Free Jumping video

RF L' Dame

April 23, 2013 Warmblood Filly. By Lion King, out of RF Macarena, (Meisterwind X Liebjager)

This is a big, (16 hands already) solid filly with soft, balanced gaits and a big jump. Willing and able, she is a prospect for the rider with ambition to get to the top of sport.

We love it when the youngsters come into the barn and jump like they've been practicing every day. Her future is bright indeed!


RF Lotta Chrome

March 17, 2013 Appaloosa Sport Horse Filly

"Lottie" is a super nice filly who should grow into a medium sized mare. She has a doll face, good gaits, and a very nice jump. Because she won't be a tall horse her price is very reasonable. She is sired by our imported Hanoverian son of Elite Stallion, Latimer, Lion King, successful through PSG Dressage. Her Dam is a nice Appaloosa mare from a successful performance family.


Click here for free jumping video, done 11-4-15

Click Here for Video done in May 2015

SOLD. Congratulations, Annie, CO!


Three Year Olds

Pictures and videos were done as two year olds. We will be adding new as Spring arrives.

We stopped by the barn for a short photo and free jumping session on the day the youngsters moved to their new pastures. These pictures are in their everyday clothes.

RF Le Phantom

5/4/14 Warmblood Gelding

By Lion King, out of Fancy That PCH, by For Paragon

A "freaky" talented gelding, beautiful black, with chrome. His dam, a grand daughter of For Pleasure, was a winning Hunter and his sire a champion Dressage horse. The dice is surely loaded in this guy's favor! He has a wonderful temperament and correct, expressive gaits showing a lot of balance and athleticism. His free jumping showed us that he is an extra special young horse with an incredible future. Phantom should finish around 16.2.

Phantom is being started under saddle and is a quick learner, sensible and cooperative. You will not find a nicer 3 year old prospect anywhere!

Lifetime registered with USEF.

Oops, he jumped right out of the frame!

Video done 3/16/17 here



RF Arkenstone

July 4, 2014 Gelding. By BJC Asher Seven, out of RF Marigold, by Meisterwind.

Stoney's dam is one of our most promising young mares, from a very strong, successful, performance family. Her first foal sold quickly to a Dressage home. Marigold was the West Central Filly Champion as a yearling in the USDF/DSHB Series.


Stoney looks to mature into a big, striking horse with all the talent anyone needs. He has his Lifetime number with USEF and he is registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club (#682050) making him eligible to show in breed shows!

Excellent gaits and a very good jump make this gelding a super prospect for the person wanting Warmblood movement and quality in a "designer suit"!

Syndicated - Watch his development as an Event horse!



RF Metallic

June 5, 2014 Gelding

Sired by our young Meisterwind son, RF Meistertanz and out of the successful broodmare, Gold Digger, by Grand Prix Stallion, Gold Fuerst. Gold Digger has produced winning Dressage horses, Hunters and Event horses.

Lifetime number with USEF.


This is a lovely youngster with extravagant gaits and a very nice disposition. He is from a family of proven performance horses and shows a lot of ability. Metallic is nearly 16.1 hands at 2 years of age and looks like he will mature at least 16.3. Don't pass this one up if you are looking for BIG, upper level Dressage potential and a nice jump!

SOLD - Congratulations Nick and Danica, MT


Click here to see Metallic's video.


RF Labeled Black

5/23/14 Black, Warmblood Gelding

By Lion King, out of RF Matilda, by Meisterwind

Here is a fancy, fancy youngster for the person looking for a serious Sport prospect! He is from a proven family that has produced winning Hunters, Eventers and Dressage horses. They are sensitive, forward thinking athletes with unlimited talent. LB is being started under saddle and is willing and cooperative. He is a somewhat hotter type but oh so loaded with talent. A definite GP prospect! His full brother, RF Lime Light will be competing at PSG in 2017 at 7 years old.

LB has his lifetime registration with USEF.


Full brother to RF Latten and RF Lime Light both winning Dressage horses.

For free jumping video, click here!



We have made the decision to keep this mare.


RF Mocha

6/5/14 Warmblood filly.

By RF Meistertanz, out of the Premium mare Chipper Bezt.

This beautiful golden bay filly is sired by our young Meisterwind son and the last foal of a Premium Graded Anglo-Arab mare.

We expect her to mature to 16 hands. Her temperament is very good and her movement and jump are excellent. She is one, that if she doesn't sell we will keep as a broodmare. (but we are supposed to be slowing down, and she really could be a fabulous performance mare)!

Lifetime registered with USEF


RF Lady Stardancer

6/15/14 Appaloosa Sport Horse Filly.

Sired by Lion King and out of the 93% Foundation Appaloosa mare, 23 Lady Stardance. Lady Stardance was one of the last horses bred by the late Lola Parks, a pioneer in the salvation of the genuine Appaloosa. Lola's program was free of AQHA breeding.

Lady is solid colored with minimal Appaloosa characteristics so it is unlikely she will develop coat color. She is quiet, kind and a good sized substantial youngster.


Lady has her lifetime registration with USEF.

SOLD - Congratulations Alana, SD

Click here to see Lady's video


RF Lucky Design

5/6/14 Filly, by Lion King, imported Hanoverian and out of A Lucky Etching, Appaloosa.

"Desi" is as sweet as they come, and beautiful as well. Her movement is very good with three correct gaits, and she is very athletic, with clean flying changes at liberty.

We think Desi will mature around 15.2 making her ideal for the smaller rider or even as a broodmare in a pony program. Video coming soon!

Lifetime registered with USEF

SOLD - Congratulations Marisa!



SOLD - Congratulations Tabatha, PA

RF Allegro

8/6/14 Appaloosa Sport Horse gelding.

By BJC Asher Seven, out of the Meisterwind daughter, RF Muzique.

This is a sweet, talented gelding with beautiful color. With his excellent gaits and lovely jump, we are confident he has a promising future in sport. One of his half brothers is doing very well as a Pony Club mount and the other is being developed as a Dressage horse.

Allegro has his lifetime registration with USEF


Two Year Olds

Pictures done as Yearlings.

Hopefully both Spring and current videos coming soon!!

We have had more interest in younger horses so will put them on here. Because our youngsters live outside, they are not clipped, bathed or "primped" in any way. We took these yearlings to the indoor to evaluate them so did a little video and some snap shots of them. This is what you see here. I'll get videos up as quick as I can.




RF Abstract

4/28/15 Appaloosa Sport Horse gelding.

By BJC Asher Seven, out of the Anglo-Arab mare, Willowbez. Willow is a daughter of a US Top 10 Endurance stallion. Her dam is a TB, decending from the Dark Ronald line, one of the most important foundation sires in Warmblood breeding.

Abstract is a tall, solidly built gelding with a nice disposition. He was brave and capable in the jump chute, and thought it was a wonderful game!

He is lifetime registered with USEF and registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club, #682051.



RF Archer

5/6/15 Appaloosa Sport Horse Gelding.

By BJC Asher Seven, out of Fancy That PCH (Hanoverian) , by For Paragon.

A super fancy gelding with the pedigree and ability to go to the top in sport. He may be the only Appaloosa in the country who has a Grandsire and Great Grandsire who were champion Grand Prix Show Jumpers. In fact his Great Grandsire, For Pleasure was a two time Olympic Gold Medalist and Hanoverian Stallion Of The Year!

Archer is tall and will probably mature well over 16 hands. He is good natured, cooperative, and absolutely beautiful!

Archer is lifetime registered with USEF and registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club, #682048



RF Atlas

7/1/15 Appaloosa Sport Horse Gelding.

By BJC Asher Seven, out of RF Macarena, a Premium Warmblood daughter of Meisterwind.

Atlas is a big, strapping gelding who is developing more Appy coloring every day. We think he will end up a very pretty bay roan. With excellent gaits and an incredible jump we feel this gelding has a bright future.

Atlas has his lifetime number with USEF and should have enough coat color to get Appaloosa Horse Club papers.



Frank has his lifetime number with USEF and can be registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club.

SOLD - Congratulations, Linda, IN & SC!

Click here to see Frank's Video!

RF Let's Be Frank

5/18/15 Appaloosa Sport Horse Gelding

By Lion King, our imported Hanoverian, out of the Appaloosa mare, Hear No Secrets, by Secret Admirer.

Frank is a good looking, wild colored, gelding with a very nice disposition. He looks to mature in the 15.2 to 16 hand range making him a nice prospect for the person who doesn't want a big horse.


Almandine has her lifetime registration with USEF.


Click here to see Almandine's video

RF Almandine

6/18/15 Appaloosa Sport Horse Filly

By BJC Asher Seven, out of Gold Digger, Warmblood, by Goldfuerst.

Almandine is the last foal of one of our most successful mares. Gold Digger has produced winning Hunters, Dressage horses and Eventers. Almandine has white spots over her rump, and may develop more color as she matures. She is a nice filly who wants to be involved with people. She has very good gaits and a nice jump.


SOLD - Congratulations, Hannah Kingsley, DVM.

RF Luau

4/30/15 Warmblood Filly

By Lion King, out of RF Maui, by Meisterwind.

A super nice, well bred filly. Maui's mother line decends from Abiza, the dam of Abdullah and Amigo. Her sire is the Grand Prix stallion, Meisterwind. We feel this filly's future is unlimited!


RF Azurite

5/25/15 Appaloosa Sport Horse gelding.

By BJC Asher Seven, out of the Warmblood mare RF Lambada, by Lion King.

Azurite is a beautiful youngster with very good movement, a good jump and a sweet disposition. He has a calm, workmanlike attitude. He is good sized and looks to mature over 16 hands. With a dam line full of FEI Dressage horses, we think he may excel in that direction.

Azurite has his lifetime USEF registration and may develop enough coat color for Appaloosa Horse Club papers.



SOLD- Congratulations, Natalie & Family, CO

Click here to see Glitter's video

RF All Aglitter


Registered Appaloosa filly, ApHC #679959

By BJC Asher Seven, out of Scandalous Dreams.

Glitter is a super nice sport type filly who could go the breed show "english" route or be developed towards a career as an Eventer or Dressage horse. Or do it all. She is a nice sized, sweet filly who should mature over 16 hands.

She may be homozygous (LP/LP) making her future as a broodmare promising as well.


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