Enjoy these pictures of our farm!

Our Show Jump Arena
One of the jumps
Another view of the Show Jump Arena
The Lions
Cross Country jumps
The BIG poles
The cabin
The Hollow
Tiny rock wall and the broken road
Part of the Cross Country Course
Big Cottonwood Logs
The twisted cottonwood
The "boys" pasture. Safe behind Horse Guard Fence.
Part of the cross country course.
Another cross country jump.
A "baby" Jump.
A Frosty January morning.
A pretty sunset.


Early Summer.
Burrrr! Winter.
The Valley
One of the resident Whitetails.
Why I don't hunt.
Foxes are pretty rare.
Our view of Bear Butte.
Barn Swallows, natural mosquito control!
5 Bucks camouflaged in the saplings.
Show Jumps.
Bald Eagles winter here.
Pelicans on the river.
How much wood can a Wood Chuck chuck?
Fritti getting a drink from the fountain.
This little Screech Owl checked out the arena.
The Great Horned Owl lives here.
Red Tailed Hawk.
Do you see the kitty?
Poo trying to warm things up!
Mowing Hay.
Baling hay.
River bottom hayfield
The river in fall
Two year olds eating from our custom feeders
Outdoor schooling arena
Summer rainbow